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Diplomat Safe Ltd. Was founded in 1982 and its headquarter and factory are located at Noksan National Industrial Complex in Busan. It has been producing wide range of safes with Diplomat logo and exporting them worldwide.

The headquarters and the factory of Diplomat safe are located at the National Industrial Complex in Busan. Currently, it exports to more than 80 countries, and the brand of is well known in the world market. In the domestic market, the sales network of the headquarters and the Seoul office, as well as major cities and small and medium sized cities nationwide, is provided.

Diplomat safe develops new products through continuous research and development and focuses on quality improvement through skilled functions and new manufacturing techniques. Thanks to this effort, Diplomat safe was named 'The Worlds Best Product' by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in the second half of 2002.

Currently, the Diplomat safe produces a wide range of products including fireproof safe, data safe, key safe, and alarm systems, The E-Lock was certified the European Union's CE mark for safety testing. In addition, we have an IS09001 quality management system to continuously maintain and improve the quality and service of our products.

The goal of the Diplomat safe is to maximize customer satisfaction.

  • Obtained fire resistant mark KS first among Korean-made safes
  • Obtained fire safe quality mark P in Sweden first in Korean safes
  • Obtained data safe quality mark P among Korean-made safes
  • Designated World Class Product manufacturer by the consumers
  • Obtained quality assurance marks KS, P, UL, GOST, EN
  • Diplomat EDL obtained CE mark
  • ISO9001 Management System set up
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