diplomat SAFE


In the dictionary the word is defined a person who is employed to represent one country in another, such as an ambassador. We Diplomat Safe wish to make a role of an ambassador representing our country KOREA in the world with our high quality products.

To fulfil such a role, we must be responsible for how to make the products in higher level and how to treat our customers around the world. We remember this policy to be effective all the time.

Our company mark originates from a Chinese character 信 meaning TRUST.


    The left solid triangle is from the left part (人), and the right one with stripes is from the right part (言), In a word, we make it a rule to proceed all the business performances on the basis of trust. We do believe that nothing can be done without trust, especially in international business.


    This mark includes two additional meanings. The left triangle represents the managing group, and the right one does workers. If either of the triangles stands alone, it looks unstable, but when both stand together, they look harmonized as another combined triangle.


    Lastly, the right triangle with stripes gives us the importance of basics and going up step by step to the top in the end. That's justice in a fair business.

Diplomat Safe


Praying safety and peace to every home in the world, We are proud of Korean-made Diplomat Safe.

Under the flag of creativity, self-doing and service to others, We make Diplomat safes in harmony of heads, hearts and hands. We plant trust and quality in these safes, Harvest encouragement and satisfaction from the customers.

Diplomat safe trustworthy by world people, We plant our pride and Koreans’ soul in it.